Monday, September 28, 2015

Take2 It's Not A Wrap

Let’s face it…over time our nails can take a beating using any nail enhancements. This goes from UV/Led cured gel polish, acrylic nails, to repeated use of regular nail lacquer. Especially when you have to use acetone to remove these kind of products, because acetone can be drying and strip the nails of oils. Not to mention the buffing or filing to the natural nails that is needed for nail enhancements. I recently listened to a broadcast on Nail Talk Radio to find out about Nailebrity. I patiently waited to hear about the new product that was about the hit the nail market. They saved the best for last and the announcement/interview was made at the end of the show…haha!

Well here it is! Take2 It’s Not A Wrap is a protective base coat film. This film provides a protective covering on the natural nail bed for applying uv gel polish, overlays, and lacquer. I found it very easy to use and apply and the film is super thin and smooth. I am right handed and applied the film to my right hand with my left hand…that’s how easy it was to apply. I know I’m a nail technician…but really for those at home I’m sure you’ll find it easy too. What’s the benefit?? Well it simply peels off and there’s no damage to the natural nail or soaking in acetone to get the product off.

Take2 It’s Not A Wrap is very nicely packaged with a nail file, orange wood stick, and step by step instructions. The film sheets are sort of perforated to easily pop out each individual film from the sheet. What I like most is…the way the film sheets are made, peeling the protective layer from the film is effortless. I attached a picture below to show the little tabs for when you’re ready to peel the backing off. The orange wood stick had a flattened side to smooth out any wrinkles when applying the film. I actually didn’t need the stick because the film adhered very well without bubbles or wrinkles. Just from completing step 3 which is to press firmly from the center to the outer edges this is the step right before peeling the protective layer off.

The tab I referred to above

I have to say that Take2 It’s Not A Wrap is Hot! A great product for protecting your natural nails from the beating we can put them through from nail enhancements. Also it’s great just to extend the wear out of your manicure without chips. I've add a few videos so you can see how it's applied and removed. To Buy Take2 It's Not A Wrap.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Nail Decals - water slide

Nail Decals are fun and easy! Today I want to share how this look was created with nail decals. The color is called Blank Slate which I created for Lori @bruisedupdollie to do this particular manicure. Some whites are very hard to use and can get thick and pasty. I added a secret ingredient and a little shimmer to this white which allows it to glide on smoother. The nail decals that are used in this design are water slide, and for sale in my Etsy Store. I have tons of these type of nail decals and have not listed them all. I really don't plan on selling them much longer. Therefore if you place an order you will receive several more other design packages not even listed on the site. Because I'm throwing in Extras until they're all gone.

** You can also buy water slide nail decals at Born Pretty Store and receive 10% off your entire order with Coupon Code: KMQX31

How to Apply Water Nail Decals:

1. Paint your nails a light color (white, clear, ect.) Let the polish dry. 

2. Cut out your decal of choice and place in a tiny dish water for 15 seconds.
3. Remove the white backing by sliding it off and place the decal on your nail.
4. Pat dry with a small piece of tissue if you see water beads on the nail.
5. Apply a fast drying topcoat paint over the decal. 

* TIP: Wet your finger before you place the decal on so you can slide the decal where you want it on the nail. After you place the decal on your nail, apply fast drying clear top coat.


Polish your nails any color. Cut one decal out and measure your nail. Press it down over your nail and use your fingernail to make an indent on the sides. Use tiny scissors trim the decal around the indention and place in water for about 15-30 seconds. Use tweezers to remove from the water and slowly slide off the white backing. Place decal on fingernail and press down then blot until dry. Make sure to press down on the sides. Coat completely with a fast drying clear nail polish.  


Polish your nails any color. Place the decal in a bowl of water for 20 seconds. Remove the decal from water and carefully remove white backing from your decal by sliding it off the paper. Place on top of your nail and press down on decal to make it stick to your nail. Lightly file off the edge of your nail. Apply a fast drying clear coat over the decal and make sure you coat the top of your decal completely. 



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

FooTherapy by Queen Helene

How can something so inexpensive be so Good?? Fill up your foot bath, sit back and relax. Your feet are in for a treat! Footherapy by Queen Helene relieves tired and aching feet. It also softens corns and callus to help them break down easily with a foot file. It contains a combination of concentrated minerals to relieve aches and pains. Queen Helene has been a leader in quality beauty products for professional and personal use since 1930.  

I’ve actually used this product in my nail salon for certain clients. A few of my clients were mailmen and they would come in with tired and aching feet. There are many different foot soaks used in the salon. Some will bubble which I tend to stay away from because the bubbles can be hard to control when using water jets. There are also traditional foot salts and even Epsom salt. But there’s something about Footherapy that doesn’t quite compare. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the fruity or lovely smell of lavender. Who cares? Because this stuff works!

Footherapy comes in a box of 3 individual envelopes. Which is convenient to just open a pack and shake it in your foot bath. It is great for foot baths with jets because it does not bubble. It also comes in a jar...well at least it use too. I haven’t seen the jars in stores for some time. Although the jar is the one I have purchased and not the packages. The packages can be purchased at your local Sally Beauty for $3.99 a box. In addition you can purchase online from many different sources. If you’re ever in need of an in-home pedicure and your feet are tired, then Footherapy will not disappoint. Give it a try!